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Trailer: Season 3 begins Sept. 14

Click on the embed above to listen to this trailer for Season 3 of Razed Sports, or you can subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app.


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He was an athlete.

[JOE STAEHELI: Good hitter. He was fast.]

[VERN HARKINS: He was very competitive. He was very determined.]

He was a leader.

[DAVE HUGHES: And Tim, he stood up to him. He said ‘if they have to get off then we’re all getting off.’]

He was a hard worker. A mentor. A teacher. And in his own way, hilarious.

[PAUL HARKINS: You couldn’t move it … unless you got real low, and even then, he’d just get lower. Or he’d pull your shorts down.]

And — Tim Harkins — he was my Dad.

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Welcome to Season 3 of Razed Sports, in which I tell the story of my father, Tim Harkins.

We lost Dad to cancer in the spring of 2020. He was a good person, an excellent father and a great man. But he wasn’t a self-promotor. So I decided to do it for him. I decided that his story needed to be shared.

This is a story of determination and grace.

[KATIE HANCOCK: Our personalities are completely different. He’s calm. He’s kind to everybody no matter what. Definitely not me. (laughs) But I’m competitive like he is, for sure.]

A story of loyalty and humility.

[BRIDGET PORTER: He was always there for all of us. There was five of us! And he was always there.]

A story of strength.

[ALLISON LAURITSON: And he was like ‘noon is the best time. If you can run in the heat, you can run in anything.’]

And a story of sports, wrapped in love and family.

[PAUL HARKINS: ‘I want you to ask yourself one question, ‘who’s the best player out here, and why am I?’]

Watch for Season 3 of Razed Sports, beginning Sept. 14. Razed Sports is a proud member of the Story Hangar podcast network. Go to for more information.




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