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“I demolish my bridges behind me — then there is no choice but forward.”

— Fridtjof Nansen


Working in the media world these days is a bit like crossing a rickety bridge. At night. In a thunderstorm. And there are snakes.

OK maybe not snakes, but there is certainly a lot to contend with. We’re talking cord-cutters and video pivots, viral content and click-bait headlines, SEO and CPMs and B2B and all sorts of other BS jargon that nobody really cares about. It’s a whole lot of craziness and it’s terrifying.

That’s why we’re going to follow the advice of legendary Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who demolished his bridges throughout a life spent chasing adventure and education. He is our inspiration.

At Razed Media, we’re going to demolish the bridge of conventional media and leave it behind us, tear it down and find a new way forward. We’re not going to chase clicks (though we won’t turn them away), we’re not going to pivot to video and we’re not going to worry about SEO and CPMs and your other favorite acronyms.

We’re simply going to tell stories.

Inspiring stories. Educational stories. Entertaining stories. That’s our passion and we hope it’s yours, too.

We’re going to start with sports, then we’ll see where it takes us from there. Hopefully you’ll like our stories, because then we can make more.

This project is daunting, but to quote Mr. Nansen once again:

“Never stop because you are afraid — you are never so likely to be wrong.”

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us.

— Bob Harkins, Creator and host, Razed Sports






About Bob Harkins

Bob is an editor, writer and producer who fell in love with podcasts after moving to L.A. and discovering they are an excellent cure for road rage. He also loves long-form storytelling … and that’s how Razed Sports was born.

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