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Tag: Love

  • Ep. 5: Strength

    Ep. 5: Strength

    Even as his body began to betray him as he grew older, Tim Harkins didn’t stop challenging himself, he just changed the nature of the challenge. And that strength was both an example and a blessing for his family until the very end.

  • Ep. 4: Humility

    Ep. 4: Humility

    Whether encouraging his kids in sports or just sharing general wisdom, Tim Harkins had a way with words, and he always delivered them with humor and humility.

  • Ep. 3: Loyalty

    Ep. 3: Loyalty

    Whether it was his beloved Zags, his friends or his family, Tim Harkins was always there for them, providing support, guidance and most of all, an unending supply of loyalty.

  • Ep. 2: Grace

    Ep. 2: Grace

    Tim Harkins was not only a competitive person, he was also kind, thoughtful and compassionate. He had “Grace.” In Episode 2 of Razed Sports, we share stories of how he often handled himself in a way that drew others to him.

  • Ep. 1: Determination

    Ep. 1: Determination

    In Episode 1 of Razed Sports, we learn about how Tim Harkins early on honed his determination, a trait that could sometimes border on bullheadedness, and how he brought that part of his personality into his battle with cancer.

  • Trailer: Season 3 begins Sept. 14

    Trailer: Season 3 begins Sept. 14

    He was an athlete, a leader and a mentor. Most of all, he was my Dad. We lost my father, Tim Harkins, to cancer in the spring of 2020. This is his story.