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Tag: MLB

  • Ep. 3: ‘They hunt pitches’

    Ep. 3: ‘They hunt pitches’

    For the first time as a pro, Cole Uvila runs into some serious challenges, as the more experienced hitters in Advanced-A begin to “hunt” his pitches. How will Cole deal with a new obstacle in his path up the minor league ladder?

  • Ep. 1: ‘I wasn’t going to be denied’

    Ep. 1: ‘I wasn’t going to be denied’

    Cole Uvila is not your traditional baseball story. He didn’t really take up pitching until his sophomore year of college, lost two years to Tommy John surgery and was drafted in the 40th round as a 24-year-old. Can this Texas Rangers prospect beat the odds and make it to the big leagues? Follow along with…