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Tag: sports

  • Ep. 9: ‘Exactly What I Want’

    Ep. 9: ‘Exactly What I Want’

    Cole Uvila takes us inside a light-hearted yet talented minor league clubhouse. Meanwhile, his dominant play has prompted the Texas Rangers to throw yet another challenge his way — a challenge he has been wanting for some time.

  • Ep. 8: ‘A Reason This is Happening’

    Ep. 8: ‘A Reason This is Happening’

    Cole Uvila goes to the video tape to try to see what’s behind his command problems, drawing on a mantra he was taught by his late mother, Denise, that there is always a reason for something that is happening, to not get to high or too low, but to ride the wave.

  • Ep. 7: ‘I’m not going to just lay down’

    Ep. 7: ‘I’m not going to just lay down’

    Baseball is usually referred to as America’s pastime, but the same could be said of poker. As it turns out, Cole Uvila loves poker just as much as baseball, and he finds that he can draw lessons from the card game that apply to his play on the diamond.

  • Ep. 6: ‘Just Roll With It’

    Ep. 6: ‘Just Roll With It’

    As the second half of the Carolina League begins, Cole Uvila experiences a series of ups and downs, including a bizarre outing in which it seems everything goes wrong, plus a series of difficult road trips. Meanwhile, his fiancee Kayla is also adjusting to the baseball life and shares her thoughts on navigating their long-distance…

  • Ep. 5: ‘Baseball and Magic’

    Ep. 5: ‘Baseball and Magic’

    Cole Uvila is on a roll as he heads into the Carolina League All-Star break. But he’s not content to rest as he heads back to Seattle for the break. Instead, he returns to Driveline Baseball with a simple goal: To turn his curveball from merely a secondary pitch into a dangerous weapon.

  • Ep. 4: ‘It’s not career ending’

    Ep. 4: ‘It’s not career ending’

    As Cole Uvila looks back on a rough month of May, he realizes things aren’t nearly as bad as they felt. Meanwhile, his father Steve, who gave up his own sporting passion in order to support Cole, discovers that things can come full circle.

  • Razed Sports is now available on Pandora!

    Razed Sports is now available on Pandora!

    Yet one more way you can listen to Razed Sports — we are now included in Pandora’s podcast lineup!

  • Ep. 3: ‘They hunt pitches’

    Ep. 3: ‘They hunt pitches’

    For the first time as a pro, Cole Uvila runs into some serious challenges, as the more experienced hitters in Advanced-A begin to “hunt” his pitches. How will Cole deal with a new obstacle in his path up the minor league ladder?

  • Ep. 2: ‘The best version of you’

    Ep. 2: ‘The best version of you’

    Cole Uvila knew that because of his age and status as a 40th-round draft pick, he wouldn’t have much room for error. The Rangers would give him a chance to succeed — a legitimate chance — but he would have little room for error.

  • Trailer: Season 2 begins on Sept. 5

    Trailer: Season 2 begins on Sept. 5

    Get a sneak preview of Season 2 with our newly released trailer! Then prepare for Episode 1 (coming Sept. 5) by subscribing to Razed Sports wherever you listen to podcasts.